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I receive weekly news from Faith Impact Forum by email and then edit this each month to post on the website.  I am aware that a great deal of the information which I receive is edited out and so readers here are only getting news of part of the work which our mission partners are diligently carrying out both at home and abroad.  I, personally, am amazed at the variety of situations which are being addressed by the Church through this forum. And I think you would be too.

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Nan Blythe


Christian Aid News - End of Year update

Press Release - 27th December 2021

Christian Aid, has called on the UK Government to issue guidance for UK agencies and banks "without delay" to ensure aid flows into Afghanistan following a vote of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to revise the sanctions regime to allow humanitarian aid into Afghanistan.

The following link provides more detail:


Press Release - 18th December 2021

8 in 10 willing to act this Christmas to stop climate crisis, Christian Aid reveals

Christian Aid has praised the UK’s Christmas spirit as the international development charity publishes new polling revealing 8 in 10 people (84%) in the UK are willing to take personal action this Christmas to tackle the climate crisis.

The following link provides more detail:

Alan Stevens


Faith Impact Forum - December

Very Rev Dr Susan Brown has released a statement following the tragic loss of life last month in the English Channel, in which she states that this should be a warning that the current approach has failed in every respect, on humanity, on morality, and in achieving the stated objective of reducing irregular migrant journeys. She goes on to say that, “the rapid expansion of safe passage routes to allow people to bypass the people smugglers and avoid the treacherous and highly risky journey is now vital.”  The Moderator of the General Assembly and the Archbishop of Canterbury have also issued statements which can be read on the Church of Scotland website.

The Saint Andrew’s Refugee Service (our partner in Cairo) offer wraparound support to the most vulnerable refugees. The organisation provides services based only on an assessment of needs and vulnerabilities, and does not exclude anyone from assistance on migratory status.

Our partner in Pakistan, The Centre for Legal Aid, has requested our prayers to support Zafar Bhatti, who was accused of sending a blasphemous  message in 2012. The Centre for Legal Aid has supported his wife by giving free legal aid and financial support.  In 2017, he was sentenced to life in prison and faced a significant fine.  As the mandatory penalty for blasphemy in Pakistan is death, the judge may have given a life sentence rather than acquit Zafar due to pressure from religious extremists.  The life sentence has been challenged by Pakistan’s High Court which said the only legal sentence is death.  Our partners have appealed to the Supreme Court against this judgement and ask us to pray for Zafar and his wife, and for their lawyer and legal team, and that the judge will decide this case on its merits.

Our partners at Christian Aid Scotland are holding their 2022 Support Gathering on line at 10am on 22nd February.  They will be welcoming staff from Christian Aid South Sedan and a speaker whose subject will be climate change  and conflict on vulnerable communities.  Alan will have more information about this, if you are interested.

As well as enjoying our own Church Advent calendar on line, you can also enjoy the Church of Scotland’s calendar on line.  The theme this year is, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

Nan Blythe


Drumchapel Foodbank

Thank you for all your donations in the run up to Christmas.  We were able to drop several car loads of food and winter woollies at the Foodbank.

Niall and Marjorie McCumesty (Bearsden West Communty Council)


Prayer Requests

A lovely wooden box has now been provided by a member of the congregation for your prayer requests.  If you would like prayer for yourself or others, please write this down and put it in the box. You need not give your own or anyone else’s name. God will know.  Members of the prayer group undertake to pray daily for whatever is asked.

Christine Goldie



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