A date for your Diary : Congregational Meeting

There will be an important Congregational Meeting in Church on the evening of Tuesday 30th August.  The purpose of this meeting is to meet with representatives from Clyde Presbytery to explain and discuss the Presbytery Mission Plan which is in preparation.  Please come along to this meeting which is crucial to the future of our Congregation and to the wider Church.  The time will be confirmed as soon as it is available.

Marlene Anderson, Session Clerk


Christian Aid

Press Release 5 August 2022

The Archbishop of Canterbury was joined by Anglican bishops from around the world, attending the Lambeth Conference, to unite in prayer and to stand in solidarity with those in East Africa who are facing the threat of famine.

The following link provides more detail:

Alan Stevens


The Toy Library - Can you help?

Having seen an article online about the Govan Toy Library, Christine asks for your help, as follows: Clothes and toys, which the children you love have outgrown, are needed for youngsters aged 3 – 12 years.  Good quality toys with a long life are retained in the toy library, less durable ones are sold to families at low cost. Clothes are sold in the shop, also at low cost. There is particular need for clothes for wee ones over two years old.  Donations of money are also very welcome. Find out more on their website. Please simply bring your donations along on a Sunday and give them to Christine!


Recording of Services over the summer months

Due to uncertainties with the availability of the members of the team as a result of illness, holidays and departures the technical team have decided to suspend the filming of services over the summer period and plan to return in September fully refreshed and with additional members. During this period however the transcript of the service will continue to be available on the website on most Sundays.

The numbers watching the service online has been dropping. This is probably due to the warmer weather enabling more people to get to church. Although the technical team know how many people watch the services we do not know who they are. It would be very helpful if you could drop us an email telling us some of the following information.

• Who you are. (although you can remain anonymous if you prefer)
• Where you live (if not a member)
• Why you prefer to watch online rather than live.
• How often do you watch (ie every week, fairly regularly, occasionallyetc..
• Some opinions on the technical style of the recording (not the content!)
• Any general thoughts or suggested improvements

Please send your comments to the special email account for film group :-


Thank you for your help and understanding.

The Tech Team


Drumchapel Foodbank - July update

The Foodbank is always in need of the following items – tinned vegetables, porridge, boxes of cereal. Teabags, coffee, sugar, instant noodles, long-life milk, tinned fruit and rice pudding/custard, tinned meatballs/hotdogs, pasta sauce, soup, tinned beans, tinned spaghetti, macaroni cheese, toilet rolls, shampoo/shower gel, and wet dog food.  If you can help please place your donations in the box in the walk-through or at the usual designated collection points in the village. Unfortunately we cannot accept any fresh produce. Many thanks for your help!

Niall and Marjorie McCumesty (Bearsden West Communty Council)


Prayer Requests

A lovely wooden box has now been provided by a member of the congregation for your prayer requests.  If you would like prayer for yourself or others, please write this down and put it in the box. You need not give your own or anyone else’s name. God will know.  Members of the prayer group undertake to pray daily for whatever is asked.

Christine Goldie



The Westerton Church Magazine – Published 4 times a year, we hope to provide in due course, an online, as well as, printed edition.




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